The most insanely affordable yet completely convenient online group  coaching membership community for professional cleaners!


If you're like most professional cleaners, then you've probably searched through YouTube videos, free Facebook groups, open forums, and follow professional cleaning bloggers looking for helpful tips to start and grow your cleaning business.

That's definitely a way to collect advice.

But there's just one downfall...

Most of this advice, albeit helpful, is random. It doesn't necessarily cater to your unique circumstances. It can be vague, take hours of search time, and probably require you to pay a huge amount for more personalized help - the kind of help you really need.

Inside this membership, I share my time-tested and proven strategies on how I turned my office cleaning side hustle into a half-million-dollar corporation with the partnership of my husband and my amazing staff.
Here's my story... 

Join A Janitor's Story VIP Membership and get the help you really need when you need it the most. 

Just like these professional cleaners...

Here is what's included:

🔥 Live Q&A calls. This is the most powerful way to get 1-on-1 actionable tips and strategies to create momentum unique to your situation. All past recordings will remain in the membership. 

📱 Recommended apps, websites, and software to help professional cleaners work efficiently and effortlessly streamline their businesses.

🎯 Knowledge-based content exclusively curated for startups and experienced business owners. Additional articles with supplemental help (links) are uploaded each month.

🖥 Free Canva templates you can customize and use on your Facebook and Instagram pages to keep them updated to encourage sales.

📃 Free Cleaning Business Forms. Detailed PDFs such as client intake forms, pre & post cleaning checklists, leads tracker, and more.

Monthly coaching videos. Helpful growth strategies for planning one month in advance. All recordings will remain inside the membership.

Discounted digital products: Save 20% on all EDITABLE Cleaning Business Forms in my Etsy Shop | Start a Cleaning Business Workbook | Deep Cleaning Guidebook with 25 Tutorials | 60-minute On-Demand Workshop Videos

The true intent of this membership is to be a growing and evolving resources library accompanied with live virtual meetups so that you can receive real-time guidance when you're faced with industry-related challenges.

Here's a sample of my teaching style.

(Music: Sunny | Musician: @iksonmusic)

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You'll feel like you have an expert in your back pocket rooting for your success every step of the way.

Popular Q&A

Will I always have the rate of $9 per month? What if the price goes up? You will always have the monthly subscription rate of $9 per month, as long as you do not cancel and every payment can be processed without interruption. The monthly subscription rate will increase over time, but it will not affect you as long as you do not pause, cancel, or interrupt your monthly subscription. (This excludes free trial periods.)

What if I don't like it? Can I cancel anytime? I hope that you and I can work together long-term so that I can walk alongside you cheering on your successes no matter how big or small, however you can cancel anytime. (You will be removed from the membership immediately when you cancel.)

Will I get notified when new content is added? Yes, I will send out weekly emails informing all members of any updates including new content, coaching videos, new templates, and Q&A schedules and recordings. (BTW: There is absolutely new content every week.)

Since the Q&A sessions are the most powerful aspect in this membership, what happens if I can't show up live? Understandable. As convenient as I've tried to create this membership with an app, I completely understand that only a portion of the members will make the Q&As live. You can simply submit your questions directly in the comment section below the Zoom invitation. If time permits close to the end of the live call, I'll answer your question during the session. If time does not permit, I may do a quick 5-minute video just for you and tag you in the membership community.

Is this group private? Yes, this is a private community and only paid members are allowed inside. Disclaimer: Any recordings such as Q&A meetings can be used at any time for marketing purposes. All meetings are recorded with Zoom, so you consent to be recorded during each meeting.

 I have so many more questions before I commit to this membership. Can I reach out to you? Most definitely, email me at [email protected] with any concerns before you commit as I DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS.

More of what's being said...

I'm here to help YOU create your own CLEANING BUSINESS STORY.

Join today.

The most insanely affordable yet completely convenient online coaching membership community for professional cleaners!